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Rapid Root

Hand Portable Engineered Foundations

Brought to you by Strucsol, exclusive solution providers for RapidRoot rail systems

Designed around the concept of a tree root, RapidRoot uses an arrangement of angled micro piles and pile caps to spread the foundation over a greater surface area enabling us to achieve larger load capacities, faster and more cost effectively.

Completely hand portable and installed by hand using our purpose built drivers, RapidRoot requires no heavy plant & machinery making it particularly useful in applications with limited access availability.

Head sizes, pile numbers and connection details are all made to your specific requirements in association with our Civil Engineering Design Associates, FJD Consulting.

Not only quicker and more economical to install, with a higher capacity than other systems, RapidRoot is superior to equivalent concrete foundations as it eliminates excavation and has instant load bearing capacity enabling construction to start immediately.

With RapidRoot you can ensure that line closures and disruption are kept to an absolute minimum.


Lightweight Signals

Retaining Walls

Temporary Works

Full Structures






Hand Portable Installation Equipment & Piles

Safe Working Without Line Blockages

Full Levelling Adjustments

Scalable to Task Load Capacity

(10kN – 200kN)

Magnesium Alloy Coating

(120+ Year Design Life)

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